Add 360 Photos and Videos to your Google Business Profile

Google My Business or GMB is a free tool that Google provides for businesses so that they can showcase themselves. This includes your address, phone number, business hours, website information, reviews, photos, videos, virtual tours, and anything else you want to add. Setting it up is easy and the more you optimize it, the more likely you are to appear when a keyword or phrase about your business is Googled. This allows your business to receive more traffic than just if people were to google your business individually.

Adding photos and videos to your Google Business profile will really let your profile pop online, allowing your listing to be visited more frequently. Adding 360 photos and videos that your customers can interact with promotes further interaction with your listing and lets people get familiarized with your business as well.  At Blue Fire 360, we are a Google Trusted Photographer with the equipment and experience necessary to create the perfect virtual tour for your business.

360 photos

360 photographs are interactive panoramic photos that allow your customers to see the full picture (literally). This photo method provides customers with clear, high-resolution interactive photos. Now, these are not just panoramic either, these 360 photos are taken with an omnidirectional camera that lets your customers to use the click of the finger to look in all directions on the picture.

360 videos

Why use a regular, static video option when in today’s day and age, people want to be able to view everything from the comfortability of their home, not just a bird’s eye view or a simple walkthrough. Our 360 videos allow you to click and drag to view every direction of the video (up, down, back and around!). By letting viewers change the focus of the video as it plays, you are allowing them to experience a guided, interactive tour of your business.

Google Virtual Tour

A google street view trusted photographer can help you build familiarity and trust with potential customers by letting them view your establishment before they even set foot in it. Our google virtual business tours use google street view technology to allow them to easily navigate your business from anywhere. These virtual tours can peak potential customer’s interest by increasing visibility which in turn, draws more people to your site.