Get Your Business Photo Ready

Since 2008, Blue Fire Media has worked to constantly improve ourselves, staying up to date with trends and the ever-evolving world of tech. With Blue Fire 360, we go beyond the regular expectations of a photography session for your business by providing a multitude of options for your photo requirements. We provide drone photography, 360 photos, and 360 videos to make your business stand out from the rest. To get the most out of your photo session, we recommend that you tidy and set up your business for how you want it to look and adjust the lighting to the proper setting for clear viewing.


Typically, indoor venues have less lightning available than outdoors. Natural lighting is a great way to get the best picture quality, so open up those windows to shed some light. Turning on any artificial lightning is also a great way to ensure that it will not be too dark, and you can see every outline of your business. We do adjust our cameras to the light setting, but the brighter it is in a room, the better the picture outcome. The time of day for photos can make an impact as well, the best photography times for natural lightning indoors are midday and twilight hours. If you have any questions on the best lighting options, don’t hesitate to ask us!


Prior to our arrival, you should set up your business’s rooms with how you want them to look to your clientele. Add enticing details that will lure customers to looking deeper at your pictures and have them wondering what else your business will hold. Just don’t over clutter the shot and remember to offer multiple angles of the products or services you are selling (though our 360 photos have a lot of that covered!). Adding cleanly rooms that showcase the must-haves of your business is imperative online when looking through a business is as quick as a click away.

Candid Shots

Adding detailed candid shots can add flare to your business photos. Including photos of customers smiling or laughing in your store, or if your business is a service, get some of your workers doing the service. Candid shots that do not appear posed are a great way to show your potential clients what you can offer. It gives them a sense of the business prior to ever walking inside. Happy workers and customers show the community that you care about your team and their business!

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