Prepare Your Business Before Shooting 360 Photos

You may be eager to get us out to your business and start shooting 360 photos, but there are some steps that you can take to make sure the result is at its best. Photography can be a field with a lot of specifics to help a photo turn out well, and the professionals at Blue Fire 360 can help you get there.

Tidy up your shoot

Especially when you’re trying to show off your business, you want to make sure to pick up clutter, messes, and any important documents you may not want viewers to see. No one can be perfectly tidy all the time, but when getting 360 photos of your establishment, you want it to look the way it does when its at its best. This may even include cleaning any windows in offices or taking out that full garbage can you’ve been putting off. Whatever you need to do before a shoot with Blue Fire 360, make sure you don’t forget so your photos can look as best as possible.

Think about lighting

Blue Fire 360 has the proper tools to give you high quality, impressive 360 photos, but, many times, the lighting of the shoot is dependent upon you. If you’re in an outdoor space, plan on a day that will have better natural lighting for your shoot. If you’re indoors, make sure the artificial light that your space contains brightens the room enough to see all the details of your photos. No matter where the shoot ends up being, just keep lighting in mind for your day with us, and Blue Fire 360 will take care of the rest.

As your certified Google Street View Trusted Photographer, Blue Fire 360 delivers the professional, high quality photos you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to get started on your photo shoot!